Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sorry we have been unable to update on a daily basis like we had planned but the internet in the room is not working and the CYBER CAFE was I am sneaking this one in while the show is "quiet"

We are having a GREAT TIME

We spent all of Thursday in classes with TIM HOLTZ, LANCE from the RUSTY PICKLE, HERO ARTS Designers, a PRIMA class and The LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE..lots of great product and tons of fun!!! WE can't wait to show you.....unfortunately I can't load any of the photos we got until we get back or if our internet service begins to work.

So....for now...I will just give you the details of day one...

FRIDAY: WE walked 14,814 steps to find the latest and greatest stuff. LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE, KAISER CRAFT and OCTOBER AFTERNOON. There are tons of companies here with cool stuff. SPELLBINDERS....the company that makes the NESTABILITIES has some AWESOME new pieces!!...and we can't wait for them to arrive!!!!

I so wish we could put photos up for you, but you'll just have to wait for Sunday/Monday after we return.

oh, and thanks ladies for leaving your "wish list" on the blog....we will check those out....some we already have!!!!!

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krista said...

so glad to hear you checked out October Afternoon-they are another one of my faves!!! Their stuff is awesome!!!!