Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'll have to go without I guess

Blogger isn't letting me load photos, so I guess I will have to move along with info's too bad too, because we have some awesome papers to show you...but that means you have to drop by the store to see them in person...and that is the best way to see them

New arrivals:

COSMO CRICKET: Sunshine.......(photo to come...hopefully)
MAY ARTS: the new ribbons have arrived...oh so yummy!

There are a few more new arrivals but I can't remember them all because we were so busy with our full house Scrap 'til Midnight last night, I didn't have time to admire all the new things.....but the 22 ladies in the workroom had a super fun time.  Check the website for the ext date if you want to join our fun.

I want to THANK TINA FREEMAN again for the awesome class...if you missed out on this we had a real treat with her.  She even left a comment about our store in the post below.  Thanks again Tina!!

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Stephanie said...

Yay for Cosmo Cricket Sunshine! I'll be picking some of that up real soon!