Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More preview photos

As I head off to work this morning...where I will have lots of new goodies to play with...I realized you will all have to wait until late (very late) in the day for me to post any of the new goodies....so  I will leave you with these to tide you over until then.....

The front entryway of GREEN HAVEN...love those twisty trees.
The kitchen area.  A few more appliances installed and a little cleaning and it will look amazing.
The living area
Bedroom view from the corner....the bathroom, with shower and sink and toilet, an extra sink area outside because one bathroom mirror and 4 women, you do the math....lol..and a closet.  There are 5 bathrooms total throughout the house, so no need to worry about not having enough.

And the best part.....the hot tub! This is the view from the back porch area looking into the HOT TUB room. Have I mentioned that this a 7 person tub?? Outside the porch is a patio with a sitting wall....so nice....I want one!

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