Sunday, June 27, 2010


You want them, we've got them!
What IS a CLIPA?  Have you ever been in a situation where you need to put your purse somewhere, but there is nowhere but the dirty floor to put it?  The CLIPA is a ring that opens on one end to hold your purse strap and hangs off the end of a table or chair or whatever to keep your bag off the floor.  The clip will hold up to 40lbs!  And you know how much us scrappers like to carry around with camera alone is almost a pound.


ParadiseFound said...

This is by far the best one ever made: I love mine, use it all the time, and can't believe how much weight it will hold. I was at a scrapbook convention and had seven bags plus my purse hanging from it when I sat down for a cup of coffee. The quality is unbeatable.

Dawn W said...

Wow, awesome testimonial about the Clipa Clips. I know most of the girls that work at the store have or are getting one and they love them. Well worth the investment since the bottom of a purse is the dirtiest thing in your home.