Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Card kits

"Bling Trees" Card Kit....makes 10 identical cards with all the trimmings: $15
"Thank You" card kit....makes these 4 cards (and all the embossing is done for you!) for only $8.50
"Sticker Occasions" card kit...Again, a lot of the hard work is done (embossing and cutting) for you! Makes 4 cards for only $9.25
"Bright Birthday" card kit has all the fixin's for 4 great birthday cards, embossing, die cuts, ribbon and more...for only $8.75!!

On average, our card kits will run you UNDER $2.40 per card.....a great deal on a hand made card. Our envelopes are only 20 cents each for white which is still a great bargain. The bonus is, you get the credit for creating it! Not to mention you have the creative idea already laid out for you to make more cards.

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