Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's official.  I have been waiting months to get into the CERTIFIED FISKARS DEMONSTRATOR program and I finally got the email that a class was going to be held in the FISKARS Headquarters, "would I be interested in driving to Madison for it?"  YOU BET!! After a few (about 10-12) emails were sent back and forth, I was able to get not only myself but two others from the Picture This staff into the class and we are now ALL official CFD's!
The photo below is (left to right) 
Nikki (CFD Coordinator), Dawn, Maya (our fabulous Teacher), Leann and Barb
In our 4 hour class we learned about a lot of cool FISKARS tools that Maya had brought along with her and Nikki (CFD coordinator and staffer at headquarters) even let us play with some new ones...since we were at the HQ, we were able to see a lot of cool things.
A little fun  with the big scissors...
And a little MORE fun.....

We all had a  really great day and we are excited to teach others how to use all the great FISKARS tools that you might already own and the ones you REALLY REALLY need to get!  I know I learned a bunch of new things and am excited about some new innovations in the tools we played with.  Who knew there were SO MANY cutting tools!!

Stop by the store and we can show you.

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