Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Tuesday

Summer is ending and so is

  Tomorrow is our last WWW day.

We have had fun with our Summer Specials program
and we are going to let the WWW go out with a bang.

I don't normally reveal what the Wild Wacky Special is...but
I am going to let you know a few of our deals...just this once....shhh, don't tell Leann

We are having a PAPER BLITZ...select clearance papers 4 for $1 (or 25c each)
The DOLLAR basket will be filled with goodies
Italian Charms will be 99 cents each!!
our best deal....DOUBLE PUNCHES on all regular price purchases....
(so no punches for sale or clearance items, CUTTLEBUG machine purchases, coupon purchases or other offers)

This WEDNESDAY is the LAST Wild Wacky Wednesday....don't miss it!

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