Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wanna be a FISK-A-TEER??

Way back in July, at CHA, Stephenie H from FISKARS asked if I was or wanted to be a "Fisk-a-teer". I said "no I wasn't, but I'd love to be!" and figured it would just involve getting an invitation to their blog and see previews for new product and maybe a few more perks. Well, yesterday this little gem arrived in my mailbox. A pretty green and yellow handled pair of Fiskars scissors with my Fisk-a-teer number engraved on it. Packaged in a nice box lined with orange paper shreds and a cute little burlap baggie. I don't know if you're a joiner, but this group has lots of fun online at their blog:
Send them an email and find out for yourself!
They have live chats with different designers and have an awesome gallery to get inspiration from. You might want to check it out.
Of course, at Picture This we have lots of Fiskar's products. The Heidi Grace line (new papers that are gorgeous), cutting tools and much more.

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