Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Project TIme

Are you looking for a project to do? Here's a pretty little something you can do for Christmas or Fall this year, as a gift or just for you! This wreath is made with a foam floral wreath base, 2 yards of ribbon, 8 sheets of double sided patterned paper from Daisy Bucket, 168 straight pins, 336 punched flowers, 64 crystal gems and a battery operated candle.

I used a couple sizes of hand punches to punch out the flowers. I used 5 sheets of the paper to make the flowers and 3 sheets were used to cover the wreath base, but you could use paint or maybe moss to cover the base. Those fabulous Daisy Bucket papers have a really nice texture to it that makes it easy to mold the petals of the flowers before placing them on the base. It took me about 7 hours to do all the punching and pinning of the flowers and then placing the gems on the wreath.

You can get the paper, ribbon and gems at Picture This.

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