Thursday, June 2, 2011

MORE Dog Days Details

It's finally (almost) Summer and the Dog Days are here!
So, during the Dog Days of Summer promotion we have come up with some fun ways to add a little giving while shopping at your creative outlet.

Since all of us at Picture This have a pet of some sort (we even have our instore mascots!) we decided to combine our fun with giving to the Humane Association.  All proceeds from the Silent Auction and Quarter Drop will go to the Humane Association.

PAW POINTS: Earn paw points for redemption at the end of the promotion.  Points will be redeemed for FREE product on August 7, 2011.  Earn more points, get more FREE stuff!  Your points will also earn you additional discounts that day with redemption. This is in addition to the free stuff you'll get with Paw Point Redemption. 


Redemption day will only be on August 7, 2011, no exceptions. 
Ways to earn points

1 pt.  Attend a class: registration and prepayment required
5 pt. Atend All Day Crop: registration and prepayment required
5 pt. Participate in Customer Challenge (bi-weekly)
5 pt. Donate to Silent Auction
5 pt. Make a page for Silent Auction 
10 pt. Winner of Dog/Staff game
1 pt. For each CORRECT guess from the Dog/Staff guessing game
10 pt. Purchase $40 or more in regular priced merchandise
10 pt. Get a quarter in the shot glass (in store)
10 pt. For bringing in a friend who has never been to PT before (with purchase)

More point opportunities will be added as we go along.

FACEBOOK friends stay tuned!
Offers are going to be put out on our FACEBOOK page
"Friend" us now if you haven't already!!!

Dog/Staff Guessing Game:
We have dogs, you get to guess who belongs to which dog (or dogs!)..paw points for winners and correct guesses!

More Silent Auction details to come
Silent Auction will be July 13 and 14, 2011

Redemption Day and Cookout
is Sunday August 7, 2011

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