Monday, May 24, 2010


Have a graduation party coming up and you are now scrambling to get those last minute details done?

We have awesome titles for your pages or your display board that you can purchase in the store.  Need something bigger or in a different color?...we have that too.  Just tell us what you need, pick out the papers and we can cut you out a big title for the top of the board, over the door to your house or whatever!

It isn't that expensive to have it done either.....letters cut are either 25 or 30 cents per letter (depending on size) and the shadows behind them are only 25c each.  You pick out the paper you want to use, so if you pick out 55c sheets of cardstock, the order above with 5 letters and 5 shadows would cost $3.65 plus tax.  The above was done with our $2 custom school papers so the cost was $5.10 plus tax.  The other title in the photo is a pre-done title we have in-store for under $3.

You don't have to own a Cricket to have great looking letters....we can do the work for you usually while you wait.  Check it out the next time you are in the store.

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