Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New stuff...

More deliveries today...
Goodies from Nikki Sivils, Three Bugs in a  Rug and more.

And.....wandering around the store......I was checking out the big giant sports ball paper we got in from Reminisce and are they cool!!!  They would make great decorations for a room.  
Did I mention these are big...they will fill the 12x12 paper for your scrapbook page or make a cool decor feature for a sports themed wall.....ooo, even a great placemat for a party!

All the balls have texture and the tennis balls.....they are FUZZY!! I had to laugh at that one....it totally reminds me of that commercial about the fuzzy bouncy tennis balls on the radio....you just have to hear that one to understand what I am talking about.....lol

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