Monday, January 4, 2010

Designer Challenge

If you ever wanted to be on a design team but don't want the commitment, here is your opportunity to give it a try.  Every 6 months we struggle with the decision of who to pick for our design team and each time we have to disappoint so many wonderful creative people.  Now EVERYONE gets to be a DESIGNER.

Each month we will give you an assignment, either work with a certain product or theme or whatever, and you make the page.  Just one page.  Easy.  Don't have time to design one month?  Just skip that month and go for the next.  Fun, easy and possibly worth a few bucks in your creative pocket.

Each month by the 15th you will submit that page and it will hang in the store and be voted on.  The top 3 vote getters will receive in store credit.  All pages will be returned to the owner so make sure your name (and maybe your phone number) is clearly on the back of the page.

So get creating....
the 15th of January 
is fast approaching.

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