Friday, March 27, 2009

Cuttlebug update

You know how much we love our CUTTLEBUG's.  I was reading an interview with a Product Development staffer from Provo Craft at the CUTTLEBUG CHALLENGE blog and thought I would share the interview here with you. You can click on the above link and see for yourself.

"Hi Erik :
Thank you s0 much for taking time from your busy schedule, to answer a few questions and address several rumors going on about Cuttlebug going away...

1. What is your involvement in the Company?

I have been with PC since September of 08 working in product development on the Cuttlebug line along with other great Provo Craft products.

2. Is it true Cuttlebug and the folders and dies are going to be discontinued?

Provo Craft is aware of the strong following of Cuttlebug enthusiasts and supporters. As a result of this the only changes to expect in the future for this wonderful product are changes that would like to be seen by users such as yourselves. Provo Craft looks forward to continuing to bring the best Cuttlebug product we can so everyone can continue to make wonderful projects for years to come.

3. Do you have an in house designer?

PC has a wonderful staff of skilled artists that not only have a passion for their art ,but also many of them are avid users of the Cuttlebug.

4. what is the process involved in creating the folders from design to production?

There are many steps and people involved when it comes to creating new folders. The first step involves everyone on the team brainstorming and creating our direction for each launch. This includes surveys, talking to direct consumers, along with working with focus groups. The next stage is the call for art where we begin to collect up all the artwork from our designers and artists. We will then choose the art that will be made into folders according to the numbers we want to release along with using all the information gathered. The artwork is then sent to our engineers whom have to adjust the artwork to fit the parameters required to make an effective folder. After all that has been finalized we then send the revised artwork to our factory where the molds are then made. With these new molds our first samples are made. Once we receive the first samples back we then go into a testing phase to ensure the folders and dies are all working properly and produce magnificent cuts and embosses. We will then send back any changes that need made and assuming the next samples come back to us working fabulous we can then begin production and shipping. The overall process can take as long as 6 months plus from when we begin with the brainstorming phase to you getting them in your hands ready to create beautiful projects.

5.What type of folders are coming out in July?

This upcoming launch we decided to give a wide variety of new designs including cultural, elegant, and universal. We will be releasing 11 A2 emboss folders, 3 A2 emboss borders. And 3 amazing A2 cut and emboss combos that were designed to be beautiful used separate or together."

SO, there you have it.  Some questions answered and a little good news about some new folders coming out.  YAY!!

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