Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can you see me now?

I am a MESSY scrapper.  I like to make a mess, get messy....messy makes for fun.  BUT, after while my tools start to look a little worse for it.  I found a simple solution for cleaning my acrylic stamping bars...fingernail polish remover!  Simple and cheap.  These bars above were a total mess.  Covered in ink streaks, I even had craft ink on them from something I did months ago and with one swipe of a cotton ball doused in polish remover...ta da...clean. I mean, the WHOLE point of the clear acrylic bars is to be able to SEE through them right?  Don't use this on your acrylic stamps, just the bars.  Use your usual stamp cleaner on your precious stamps.  

Just a little tip for y'all.  Have a crafty weekend.

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